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Our Chartered Surveyor House Valuation Team Covers a Variety of RICS Approved Properties

Our local house valuation team in Lancaster provide a wide selection of independent house valuation options tailored for homeowners, investors, landlords and property developers. We have extensive experience in residential, commercial and investment property sectors and will provide you with fast and reliable service that is based on local knowledge and professionalism

Why is RICS Property Valuation Important?

Instructing an house valuation RICS accredited, ensures an unbiased opinion about the fair and accurate value of the property. 

Chartered surveyors are formally qualified in property valuation RICS procedures and write a report to substantiate their conclusions, making it far more comprehensive than estate agent valuation. 

The surveyor valuation assesses how the property was built, its location and its condition. A hidden defect that could affect the house value requires a trained eye to be discovered!

Property value highly depends on its location, thus local property expertise is essential when conducting a valuation. We have years of experience for house valuation in Lancaster as well as in the North Lancashire and South Cumbria areas. 

We specialise in providing expert services, including RICS valuation of development property. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures accuracy and reliability in every valuation, supporting your real estate endeavours with precision and confidence.

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Available House Valuations RICS

Help to Buy/ Shared Ownership Valuation

An RICS Help to Buy/ Shared Ownership  Valuation is a requirement when you are purchasing a further share in a shared ownership property – known as ’staircasing’. Also, this valuation is required  when you are selling your property that was bought using the Help to Buy scheme, or if you are wishing to pay off your Help to Buy loan.


Probate Property Valuation

An important valuation to ensure that neither too much or too little Inheritance Tax is paid to HMRC

Matrimonial Property Valuation

Property valuations in an event of divorce are often emotive and therefore the impartial advice and accuracy of an independently minded valuer are essential.

Property Inheritance Tax Valuation

Future planning for inheritance has become more important as property values continue to rise. The key element is to ensure that a valuation does not trigger a future Capital gains tax problem

HMO Development Valuation

The conversion of a single dwelling to a House in Multiple Occupation has attracted property investors in recent years.  However, a detailed appraisal of conversion costs, potential income and yields, and the likely occupation rates etc, may reveal that the investment is not viable.  The investor may not be local and the opinion of a Building Surveyor with local knowledge and experience in HMO development is a must prior to conversion.

Insurance Reinstatement Assessment

Valuing a property can be a complex matter, often leading to misconceptions. It's important to recognise that there can be a significant disparity between the market value of a property and its replacement cost. In fact, it's not uncommon for the replacement cost to be as much as three times higher. Market value refers to the estimated selling price in the current real estate market, while the replacement cost represents the expenses involved in reconstructing the property exactly as it is. Various factors, including location, demand, and unique features, influence these valuations. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of both valuations is crucial when assessing the true worth of a property. Learn more about insurance reinstatement assessments.

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    The Importance of Informed Property Valuation

    When considering property transactions, it’s crucial to obtain a reliable valuation to make informed decisions. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS valuation) is widely recognised for its accuracy and professionalism. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive property valuation report or wondering, “How much is a RICS valuation?” – the answer lies in the expertise provided by RICS-accredited surveyors.

    Expert Analysis with Independent Property Valuation

    For those aiming for an independent valuation of their property, RICS surveyors offer a meticulous analysis. Their commitment to integrity ensures that your property’s true worth is accurately assessed. Additionally, individuals exploring the Help to Buy scheme may inquire about the valuation cost associated with the process. RICS valuation services provide transparency in cost, empowering buyers to navigate the financial aspects of the scheme.

    Crucial Insights: Land Valuation Surveys and Development Appraisals

    Beyond residential properties, land valuation surveys are crucial for investors and developers. Hiring a skilled land valuation surveyor is essential for obtaining precise insights into the potential and value of a piece of land. Moreover, when undertaking development projects, RICS development appraisal becomes a valuable tool. It offers a comprehensive evaluation, considering various factors to guide strategic decision-making.

    RICS: A Pivotal Role in Property Services

    RICS plays a pivotal role in the property market, offering services ranging from property valuation reports and development appraisals to independent valuations and help to buy valuation cost assessments. Choosing RICS-accredited professionals ensures that you receive accurate and trustworthy information for your property-related endeavors.

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